Facebook Now Sends PGP Encrypted Email Notifications


Today, I noticed that Facebook now has a place for you to list your PGP public key. If you go to your “About” page and open the “Contact and Basic Info” section, there is now a line for you to paste your key. In addition to allowing other people to easily access your public key, there’s also a checkbox for Facebook to encrypt notification emails with the key.

Facebook now gives the option to list your PGP public key

The mouseover help text states:

If you check this box, you will receive an encrypted verification email to make sure that you can decrypt notification emails that have been encrypted with this public key. If you are able to decrypt the verification email and click the provided link, Facebook will begin encrypting notification emails that it sends to you with your public key.

I tried it, and just as described, I got an encrypted email signed with PGP key 0xDEE958CF. After decrypting the email and following the link, I was alerted that email notifications would now be encrypted. I haven’t actually verified this, since I don’t receive email notifications from Facebook to begin with.

A quick Google search as well as a search in the Facebook Help Center turned up no results, so I’m not sure how recent this is, or perhaps it’s being rolled out gradually.