My Projects

npm package for active911

Node.js, npm • benburwell/active911

A JavaScript package that is a wrapper for the Active911 API that I made while developing the MCEMS dispatch console backend.


Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Heroku, jQuery • benburwell/MCEMS-Site

An EMS agency management web application for tracking member records, scheduling shifts, and more.

MCEMS Dispatch console

React, Bower, JavaScript • mcems/dispatch

A React web app enabling pages to be quickly sent via Active911 to on-duty EMTs


Angular • benburwell/actiondoc

Actionhero is a great API framework for Node.js that lets you automatically document your API in JSON. Actiondoc takes that one step further and provides a beautiful interface for your API's documentation.

Weather web app

HTML5 Geolocation API • benburwell/weather

A simple web app showcasing the HTML5 geolocation API. Pulls current weather conditions for your location from OpenWeatherMap.

Printer Management

Ruby, PHP, Node.js, MongoDB • printerSystemCSI210

In Software Engineering class, my team created a printer monitoring platform called Forest to gather and display statistics about network printers. See my blog post about it for more details!

Emergency Street Search

JavaScript, jQuery • benburwell/streets

As an afternoon project, I decided to digitize the "Red Book" we use at the Pennington First Aid Squad that contains detailed directions and maps to all the streets in our district, enabling crews to quickly find the information they need when responding to calls.

Newspaper Publishing

PHP, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL • benburwell/ami

A web application I created for my high school newspaper to help manage the publishing workflow. Routes articles through the editorial cycle and tracks them from first upload by author through publication.


C, DOS, dumb terminals, line printers, and more! • benburwell/mpx

A small operating system developed for class. After booting into DOS, running this program overwrote the system interrupt vector table to transfer control to the program. I/O happened. For more details, check out the technical manual in the GitHub repo.

Music Analysis Project

Node.js, Heroku, browser extensions • csi970

For an independent study project, we created an npm package, API server using Actionhero.js, and Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browser extensions to analyze the difficulty of music posted to Musescore.org.


browser extension APIs • benburwell/Helvetica

My first forray into browser extensions was this simple one for Google Chrome and Safari. It transforms all text to Helvetica. Hasn't been touched in a while.


Go, Heroku • benburwell/zipserver

An incredibly simple JSON API for getting geolocation info from a ZIP code.


LaTeX • benburwell/resume

Yup, that's right: I made my resume in LaTeX.


Apache web server, PHP, HTML, CSS • benburwell/MDEngine

A stupidly simple Markdown to HTML framework for Apache. You can even choose a theme!