FreeBSD Jail Networking Continued

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I decided to take another crack at the jail configuration I started in Experiment 1. After reading bits and pieces of a few random websites (including various ServerFault posts), on an inkling I added the line interface = "bge0"; to my /etc/jail.conf file and ran service jail restart www (bge0 is my LAN interface on the host). After jexecing in, I tried pkg install nginx again and it worked like a charm!

I also noticed that when I run ifconfig on my host now, both the original and the jail’s addresses had been added to the bge0 interface. I wondered whether that meant that I could now SSH into the host using the jail’s IP address. So on my laptop, I ran ssh bb@ and lo and behold, it worked. The opposite, however, is not true: loading in a web browser does not give me the beautiful “welcome to nginx” page that has.

I’m sure some trickier stuff will arise when dealing with NAT and multiple interfaces, but for now I’m satisfied that I have a basic understanding of how to set up a service in a jail and expose it to the network.

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